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HORISONS installs several free product upgrades on every residential roof at no additional charge.

​              HORISONS installs Ice & Water Shield in all valleys and around all protrusions.  This extra layer adheres

              to roof deck and creates a watertight seal around nails to prevent water migration.

              HORISONS installs a real Starter Strip shingle on each starter course to ensure limited wind uplift

              area and a better seal.

              HORISONS fastens each shingle with six nails to maximize its winds resistance capability & warranty.

              Each shingle is also HAND NAILED for a more accurate installation.



​​​HORISONS representatives are educated & trained on the product specifications, proper installation & benefits of each product it represents & installs by the manufacturers themselves.  This is a huge advantage for you to ensure that your roof or exterior is recommended & installed correctly to maximize efficiency and longevity. Refer to HORISONS' certifications by clicking the link.


Because we are Platinum with Owens Corning & a preferred contractor with JamesHardie, HORISONS has the resources to help with financing for deductibles, upgrades or total projects.  Just ask us how we can help.


HORISONS believes that its best benefit to its customers in Houston is its education & understanding of the realities of storm damage, insurance laws & appropriate roofing systems.  Its translation after consultation is where we shine for your.


              Make sure your contractor understands the Texas insurance laws & that

              they properly and honestly convey them to you.  Click on these links.

              HAIL & WIND DAMAGE
              HORISONS representatives are trained to recognize & inspect  wind and hail storm

              damage.  Our philosophy is that the damage  is either their or it is not.  We can

              represent you to inspect & defend legitimate storm damage. Many contractors &

              adjusters do not actually know what is or is not legitimate storm damage.  Click on

              the link to the right to educate yourself.


              HORISONS knows that the best investment & best understanding of proper roof &

              exterior solutions in Houston begin with economical ventilation systems of the

              roof - intake & exhaust.  Calculations are critical & not all products are compatible.  

              Consult your HORISONS representative to help you make the right decision.

              WE'RE LOCAL

HORISONS is local.  We live here.  We serve here.  We invest here.  We support local manufacturers like Owens Corning & CertainTeed.  We hope you support us too.  For Houston.  For USA.  Forever.  Don't get tricked into a "too good to believe deal" from "Chuck in a Truck or Pete in a Pick Up."


HORISONS believes that it’s important to carry all the needed insurance to protect our people and your property.  Contact our office & we can show you the documentation.  Make sure you ask your contractor to show you their certificates, too.  After all ... it’s your property.  Click on the link to see our policy.

​​              SPECIALIZATION

HORISONS specializes in roof & exterior solutions for the residential, multi-family & commercial communities.

That's all.  We don't over extend by over-extending.

Vet your contractor before making a final decision.  Below are some reasons to feel comfortable in choosing HORISONS to perform your roof & exterior projects.  Please ask us for further detail.