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What's the Damage?

Windstorms, hailstorms, rainstorms, and snowstorms are all events that can cause a lot of damage. Whether you are able to physically see it or not, the damage caused by storms can be farther reaching than it may seem.

  • Windstorms. Windstorms can cause damage as minor as blowing off a piece of siding or a couple of shingles to damage as major as felling an entire tree onto your home. As harmless as a few missing shingles might seem, though, they can cause serious damage if not taken care of because water from future storms can seep through and into your house.

  • Hailstorms. Most of the time you can see the damage left behind after a hailstorm. From broken siding to cracked windows and pelted shingles, hail leaves a trail behind it. However, it doesn’t always leave behind an obvious indicator of the extent of the damage that it caused. Hail can fracture shingles, leaving the roof open and vulnerable to wet weather and the next big storm that comes along.

  • Rainstorms. If your roof is regularly exposed to rain and wet conditions, it’s at high risk for leaks and other water damage if it hasn’t already been compromised. Water leaking through can cause rot on the roof as well as mold and other damage in the attic area. 

  • Snowstorms. Not only is snow wet, but it can pile up and weigh heavily on your roof. If it doesn’t melt and drain off properly, there’s the chance that it will back up and cause damage to the roof. If too much is allowed to build up, it can put too much weight on the roof and cause it to cave in.

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