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At HORISONS we are knowledgeable & understand that the most important protection of your investment & return on your investment is proper roof ventilation.

Ridgevents with Soffit Intake                         Radiant Barrier                                         Solar Power Vents    

If your contractor is not talking to you about proper Ventilation, then they either don't know their trade or don't really care about your home.  Proper Ventilation is the most important component for roofing systems to help increase the longevity of the roofing material and to decrease the costs of cooling the structure.

The JamesHardie Roof Line is a great start.  Click on the picture.

Ask your HORISONS representative about how proper ventilation of your roof system can 

      Reduce Energy Bills

      Increase Shingle Material Life

      Quality for Fed Tax Savings

A proper roofing ventilation system will reduce heat & moisture.

Keep in mind ... all ventilation systems are not compatible with each other.  Have an inspection for a proper solution.

Intake & Exhaust are essential pieces to proper ventilation, and the proper formula will dictate what's needed.  Ask HORISONS about mechanical versus manual systems.

Roofing Ventilation System