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Telling a Good Roofing Contractor from a Bad One

We’ve all heard those horror stories of terrible contractors ruining a project and deterring clients from ever wanting to take on another project again. Perhaps you’ve experienced this first hand. Something like that could jade you forever. So, whether it’s your first time or third, is there anything you can do to avoid hiring a bad roofing contractor?

Although there’s no guarantee, here are some tips to help you tell the good roofing contractors from the bad ones and help you avoid a difficult or disastrous project.

  • A good contractor will be willing to provide proof of insurance – even without being asked. A contractor without insurance is like a house without a roof. You may not run into any issues during the project, but if the weather changes (so to speak) you could be the one that pays, even though it’s your contractor’s responsibility to maintain insurance. A good contractor will provide you with proof of license, insurance, and even bond - sometimes without being asked.

  • A good contractor will be easy to get a hold of. It’s frustrating trying to communicate with people who don’t respond. It’s even more frustrating when you’re paying them to complete a project and it’s like pulling teeth to get updates. A good contractor will be easy to get a hold of and will communicate the progress of the project and any hiccups or setbacks well.

  • A good contractor will have good reviews. Reviews are a great way to tell whether or not you want to hire a particular contractor. Keep in mind that there’s always somebody who wants to post a negative review, even if the contractor is great and does great work. Read the reviews and consider the reason behind the negative ones. If the contractor has all or mostly good reviews, it’s one of the green lights to go ahead and hire them.

  • A good contractor will have good pricing. When we say “good pricing” we don’t mean that their prices will beat everyone else’s. Although they may be the lowest bidder, that’s just a bonus. When we say “good pricing” we mean that a good contractor will lay out their prices in an easy to understand manner and won’t hide any unexpected fees in the final bill. You also likely won’t be asked to pay the entire bill up front, but should be offered payment options that fit your needs.

  • A good contractor will have good references. Like reviews, a good contractor will have good references to provide you upon request. Having the testimonial of former client can go a long way in helping you make a decision about whether or not you want to hire a specific contractor.

  • A good contractor will treat your home with respect. You can check out reviews and contact references to verify this one before you hire a contractor. A good contractor won’t leave their trash lying around your yard when the project is complete. They will handle everything with care and do a full cleanup when it’s all done.

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