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As a homeowner you should know that legally an insurance company can't raise your rates due to your specific storm claim, however they can for entire zip code.  Therefore its a win / win for you to file a claim if you suspect storm damage.  Either your claim is approved or its denied.  Either way you have piece of mind.

Storms are a way of life - especially in Texas.  Fortunately we have Homeowner's Insurance to protect our homes - specifically from Hail & Wind Damage.  As a homeowner you have the right to understand your coverage & your responsibilities.  Please visit the links to the right for further information. Read below to understand the fundamentals of Texas storm damage.

Storm Damage

Most of the time you are unsure if you have roof damage, and that's what the insurance companies are counting on. Roof damage is not always immediately noticeable and many times it can't been seen unless you actually inspect your roof.  It can a year or more for problems like water damage to show up as leaks in your ceiling or walls.

Here are a few descriptions / pictures of storm damage to roofs.  Please consult your HORISONS representative to inspect your roof & explain these examples.

The truth is ... there is either legitimate storm damage from wind or hail or there is not.  Only a trustworthy expert can let you know.