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Saving on Energy Through an Acrylic Roof Coating

Plastics have changed the way we interact with at the world, and that is no less true in the world of home improvements. When you think of the word acrylic, you might think of acrylic paints or the acrylic plastic called Plexiglas®. But what you might not know is how useful it can be in saving up money on your energy bill every month. How? Through a material called an elastomeric acrylic coating on your roof. Here’s how Horisons LLC can help commercial building owners save big time.

Elastomeric Acrylics

An elastomer is a material that acts like natural rubber or a synthetic material like neoprene. This type of acrylic is applied as a liquid and coats the surface (the roof, in this case) in a very thin membrane, perhaps no more than .020 - .050 inches thick. The coating comes out of a can like paint and has a similar viscosity but has a very different chemical structure than acrylic paint. Elastomeric acrylic is water-resistant, highly reflective, flexible at low temperatures, durable at high temperatures, and has the ability to expand and contract according to the movements like building settling, the weight of snow or rain, and even seismic action. This means it will not crack or blister-like other coatings. Better yet, our elastomeric acrylic coatings are super simple to apply with a sprayer or a roller, leaving no seam or holes to worry about.

Savings on Energy Costs

So, what does this all mean for your bottom line? For starters, an elastomeric acrylic coating will protect your roof from the elements, increasing its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs (as elastomeric acrylic is very simple to repair or replace; just add another coating). Second, elastomeric acrylic is white in color, designed to reflect up to 85% of heat from sunlight, reducing surface temperatures on metal roofs by as much as 50° and interior temperatures as much as 15°. Depending on the size of your building, you could immediately see up to a 25% decrease in your power bill during the hot months.

Save now on your energy bill! Consider Horisons LLC to help you save money on your residential or commercial building energy costs. We have the products and the expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free quote!