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At HORISONS we love our jobs, our families & our community.  This page is to give you an insight to our personalities!  We have fun.  We hope you do too!

Bob and Pete Sitting on the Roof of a 3-Story Building
The Team Having a Great Time After Participating in the West End’s Corn Hole Tournament
Alain, Monica, Rose, Bob, and the dogs at the Support Houston’s Diabetes’s Association Marathon
Ross, Bob, and Jonathan Having Fun at the HAA Expo
Alain & Monica at the Support Houston’s Diabetes’s Association Marathon

Having a GREAT time participating in West End's first annual corn hole tournament!  We were oh so close to bringing in the grand prize!

Get to Know the Real People of Horisons LLC

Alain, Monica, Rose, Bob & the Dogs step up to Support Houston's Diabete's Association Step out to Walk.

Bob & Pete climb a 3 story 12/12 roof & use modern technology (droid) to inspect a multi-family apartment complex.  Much safer!  Much more accurate!  Beautiful backdrop!

Supporting our favorite & most cherished group ... CAMP HOPE.

Pete Hosbach Holding the Owen Corning Pink Panther Head

Rose, Bob & Jonathan having fun at the HAA expo!

Behind the Scenes

Monica & Alain

Who knew the Pink Panther was so big!