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For the most part the people you’ll deal with are good, honest people.  Insurance companies and insurance adjusters are supposed to abide by ethics. However, insurance companies are a for-profit company. These companies have investors or shareholders that are the boss. Insurance companies are in the business of reducing the effects of claims as much as possible and consequently increasing profits.

Call a legitimate roofing company to assist in inspecting the damage to your property.  This is your right.  It should be free.  

Once a policyholder files a claim, the insurance company either sends one of their employee adjusters or another adjuster from a third party company, called an independent adjuster to make an assessment of the damage and determine “what's fair”.

The adjuster will inspect the roof and the property and will then detail his/her findings in a report called the “scope.”  

Click on the State House to see HB 1183.

The important take away from this bill is that a roofing contractor cannot provides estimates to the insurance company or act as a negotiator of process or claims.  You may hire a public adjuster for those services.  Your roofer can only help assess damage and provide the labor based on a private estimate or the insurance company's scope.

As a homeowner there are several laws in place to keep you protected. Its important for you to know them.  Please see the link on this home page regarding deductibles.  

Another important law is Texas House Bill 1183 which was passed and enacted into law in the Fall of 2013.  It states in part …  PROHIBITED.  

(a) An insurance adjuster licensed under this chapter may not adjust a loss related to roofing damage on behalf of an insurer if the adjuster is a roofing contractor or otherwise provides roofing services or roofing products for compensation, or is a controlling person in a roofing-related business.  

(b)  A roofing contractor may not act as an adjuster or advertise to adjust claims for any property for which the contractor is providing or may provide roofing services, regardless of whether the contractor holds a license under this chapter.


Regarding weather related property damage, a homeowner's insurance policy covers losses from sudden & accidental storm damage.  With these policies there are two sides of responsibility.

First, when a property covered by a homeowner's insurance policy suffers a loss, reporting the sustained damage to the insurance company is the policyholder's responsibility – this is what a claim is.

Second, fairly settling the claim is the responsibility of the insurance company.

"Fair and Reasonable" Treatment of Insurance Claims? | Deposition Video | Doyle Raizner LLP.  TEXAS CASE.  Click on the You Tube link.