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 Our Houston neighbors & friends,

We sure hope that you and your families are safe and dry.  To do our part to assist our community with this tragedy, we have put together this page of information from our perspective to help.

Our communities have severe damage from flood, wind, tornado and rainfall events.  This storm created an unprecedented rainfall event that created flood and leak problems that most systems were not able to handle.  As we move from rescue to recovery, we have put together a few bullet points to help protect yourselves and your properties.

*  Take pictures of any and all damage for future documentation.  It is important to take these pictures property and structure BEFORE they are removed or cleaned up.  These pictures will help you with any future claims.

*  Save all receipts from purchases during & after the storm to protect you or your property.

*  To start the claims process:

               1st File a claim with your insurance company.
                       Homeowner / Property Insurance

                       Automobile Insurance
                       Flood Insurance

               2nd Register your property with FEMA for federal assistance (you only have 60                            days).

               If you don’t have flood insurance, as most of us don’t, then contact the Small                              Business Association (SBA) as they have provisions for low interest loans for                        storm disasters.


*  Beware of all contractors!  Unfortunately this is a time when the dishonest prey upon us in our time of devastation.  Here are a few tips to vet any type of contractor:

               Make sure they have a good standing with the BBB.


               Make sure they have General Liability Insurance & can show you current proof.

               Make sure they have all required Licenses.

               Make sure they have certifications with their product manufactures.

               Don’t pay them more than 50% of the job when you sign a contract.  Save the                             2nd 50% to ensure that they job is completed to your satisfaction.

               If a contractor offers to waive your deductible, then that contractor is immediately                revealing his willingness to break the law and take short cuts.  Unfortunately,                      waiving deductibles or giving discounts are ILLEGAL in Texas.


Let us know if we can assist in any way, including recommending contractors for work we do not do.  Houston is great & strong community and Horisons is here to assist. 

Remember, too, that this is a major event with many affected structures.  Please be patient and understanding.  Many repairs, claims and assistance will be triaged to help those that are in immediate danger first.

We have set up an additional email address specifically for Harvey issues.  Please use it or your normal Horisons contact emails / numbe
rs.  harveyhelp@horisonsllc.com

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