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When you need to replace or repair your flat roof in Houston, you need to be aware of the requirements of section 502.5 Cool roofs (Mandatory) of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code Amendments updated on September 2, 2011 by the city of Houston.  These are actually good GREEN type regulations for our beautiful city.  Depending upon your location, your building will need an addition of up to 3.5" of ISO insulation to meet this code.  As an owner or investor, this is an expensive mandate as your entire roof line (curbs, transitions, coping caps, etc.).

Many buildings in Houston have 20 year old Duralast and / or PVC roof membranes.  Although these roofs were believed to be the best technology when they were installed, history shows that they deteriorate over time.

TPO or PVC overlays or tear offs may be the best solution.  However, they may not.  Please consult your HORISONS representative to offer a calculated inspection & report.  Also visit the Silicon options in this website.

Houston is a unique place with a unique environment.  The USA is  a place of great technologies & Earth-saving green initiatives.  As a homeowner or business person you are responsible for protecting your investment.  A water-tight roof is essential. Fiscal awareness is economical.  An environmentally friendly roof is a moral decision. Fortunately we (you & HORISONS) have solutions to help you balance them all.